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In a world where the emphasis is often on the measurable and the material (and screens), art education for children is very important! It not only nourishes the creative minds of the young explorers but also provides a foundation for their emotional, social and intellectual development. Discover the colorful world of art education here.

Art: a language that everyone speaks

Art is a universal language that everyone speaks, regardless of age or background. For children it is an essential form of expression, a way to explore their inner world and communicate without limitations. Whether through visual arts, dance, music or theater, art allows children to express their emotions, ideas and dreams. At Big Brother Art Education, this understanding leads to a diverse range of workshops in seven art disciplines, directly on location in schools throughout the Netherlands.

The power of creativity

Creativity is like a muscle that needs to be developed and trained. It gives children the tools to approach problems in unique ways and come up with solutions that go outside the conventional path. Workshops are designed to be not only an introduction to various art forms, but also an invitation to embrace creative thinking. From 'Interactive with Micro:bit' to '3D printer pen drawing', the mix between art and technology opens new doors to innovation and discovery.

Big brother art education

Personal and social development

Art education plays a crucial role in the personal and social development of children. By working together in workshops, they develop skills such as empathy, respect and valuing diversity. They also learn to think critically and reflect on their work and that of others. Activities suitable for all ages and grades give every child the opportunity to grow and shine.

Art as a bridge to the future

In today's rapidly changing world, it is essential that children are not only technically proficient, but also possess the creative and critical thinking skills that art education fosters. The emphasis on the importance of technical education in addition to art education, by combining the two, prepares children for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Art education

Everyone on board

From toddler dance to vlogging, from sustainability labs to circus workshops, the variety of workshops ensures that there is something for every child. By offering customization and diversity, all children are encouraged to explore their own unique path in the world of art and creativity.

Join the adventure

Enriching education with art education not only prepares our children for the future but also helps them to live, experience and feel fully now. Curious about the possibilities for a creative primary school workshop at your child's school? Click through and discover the magic of art education.

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