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Honestly? I don't like sports, you could read that earlier in the blog post Let's go, we're going to exercise again, 3 tips . But even I have found sports that I like, and those are sports that suit me!

How do you find out what suits you? I found the answer on the Spiffy active blog. It can be very clearly brought back to this: e and sport must suit you...

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The current situation

The situation we find ourselves in now is different than usual. This may mean that you now make different choices than you would make under 'normal' circumstances. To start with personality: do you need fun now? Then you might like to exercise live with others via Zoom or other programs. If that appeals less to you, then training yourself based on a schedule or already recorded lesson may be more suitable.

Your condition?

It can also be useful to look at your condition. If you sit a lot, it may be important to do core exercises to train your back and abdominal muscles. You can do this relatively easily yourself with the help of a YouTube video, for example, but then you have to do it... Then make sure you have regularity and a stick behind the door.

Can't get rid of your energy?

Then cycling, high-intensity training or running might suit you. If you are restless and feel stiff, consider yin yoga. Also consider what you want and can invest; There are now many free online initiatives, but some sports require specific attributes or outfits.

What time do you have?

Finally, look at your schedule: perhaps at the beginning of the day to start the day off right, or at the end? During your lunch break, after online classes or meetings, or during regular meeting times with your roommate? I can tell you that half an hour of yoga is super relaxing in the evening after your child's bedtime.

Whatever you do, start slowly

You may notice that you are actually doing quite well with exercising. Although it is very tempting to start at full speed, it is important to avoid doing too much and too quickly. You wouldn't want to have to see a doctor or physiotherapist anyway, but certainly not now. So stick to beginner's schedules, make sure you have enough rest days and recovery moments. If necessary, ask for online advice or a 1-on-1 lesson to work on your postures.

Mariko Naber

The author: Mariko Naber

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