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My book Happlify your life will be released on Tuesday 7 September. A book that practically brings out all the happiness in your life. Week by week you know more and write down what makes you personally (more) happy. So that you will soon have your own happiness document for life. Here's a little sneak peek from week 7 - Humor.

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Humor - When was the last time you had a giggle?

Tears are streaming down my cheeks, the mascara is now on my chin, my stomach is cramping and just when I think it's under control we look at each other and spit it out again. The giggles, together with my mother and sister. One of the best happy makers in the whole world for me.

Having a good laugh is a very healthy and fun activity. While laughing, blood pressure and heart rate slow down and your muscles relax. Emotionally a feeling of pleasure, liberation and relaxation arises.

Happlify your life humor

Laughter is often a result of humor

Humor is also a very personal thing. A joke that makes one pee in his pants is not fun at all for the other or maybe even insulting. So almost everyone can laugh, that is innate. But what you laugh about and what sense of humor you develop is determined by your life experiences.

What different forms of humor have in common is that something unexpected happens to what you see or hear. Something that is not quite right and seems dangerous. The brain is stimulated to act quickly. The body is prepared for fight or flight and your brain braces itself for this action: endorphins and adrenaline (happiness substances) are produced. At the comic relief it turns out that fleeing or fighting is not necessary and you got all that boost for free. That seems to work really well against stress. Humor doesn't just make us happy because of those happy substances and because we have to laugh. Humor also has a positive effect on relationships with others. Being able to laugh together connects.

What can you laugh heartily about?

Who is your favorite comedian? Which show or joke made you laugh the hardest? Is there a movie or comedian that keeps you curled up over and over again? A particular joke or event? Take a look at your humor and write down what really gets you going – when it comes to laughing.

To do week 7
Describe to yourself what makes you laugh (and maybe with whom).

Additional tip
Smile when you want to be happy, even when you don't feel like it. It has been proven that you can fool your brain. They then make lucky fabrics and you are back in the happy loop!

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The book will be available from September 7th , but you can already pre-order it online HERE (or at your local bookstore). Nice to know : when purchasing the Happlify your life book you will now temporarily receive the online reminder (worth €47) as a gift!

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