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We have discovered that many Happlify visitors and followers are (creative) self-employed, or hope to one day be full-time. 'Something for yourself' is often quickly thought up and started. Nowadays you can set up a webshop yourself in no time, for example. But as an entrepreneur you have to deal with all kinds of risks. One that you also have to deal with, but that you probably don't think much about, is the risk of becoming incapacitated.

We prefer not to think about it, but unfortunately it can happen to anyone. Fortunately, there is insurance available that can cover this risk: disability insurance. Is it a good idea to close this? You can read it in this article!

When is it wise?

In some cases it is wise to take out this policy and in other cases it may be less necessary. When is disability insurance (AOV) really important? In any case, if you have not built up a large financial buffer for yourself. As an entrepreneur, you cannot turn to the government for benefits if you are no longer able to work. So you will have to make do with your own savings. If you do not have that much savings, it is a good idea to take out an AOV. If you become incapacitated for work, you can count on a monthly payment from the insurance company.

The AOV can also offer a solution for entrepreneurs with a company with an important social function. Take a GP for example. There are many people who are partly dependent on their doctor for their health. And since GPs are very busy, people often cannot simply go to another GP if their own GP is unavailable. As a general practitioner, it is therefore smart to take out an AOV that pays out enough to hire a replacement. This way you can always continue to help your patients.

When is it less necessary?

In some cases , self-employed disability insurance is not extremely necessary. For example, if you have built up a significant financial buffer for yourself during the time you were active as an entrepreneur. If you become incapacitated for work, you may be able to manage with your own resources. This is especially true if you are older, or if you do not have a family, because you will need fewer resources to support yourself.

How much does an AOV cost?

If you have decided for yourself that it is wise to take out an AOV, then you are probably curious how much you will spend on this per month. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to give a clear answer to this. The amount of the premium depends on various factors and can vary considerably per situation. For example, a lawyer generally pays a lower premium than a carpenter, because the lawyer's profession entails fewer risks that can lead to disability.

For the exact costs of an AOV for your situation, it is best to consult your insurer's website. You will often find a calculation tool here that allows you to calculate the costs of a policy.

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