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Lipsticks in every color, type and substance: the endless supply makes it sometimes very difficult to choose. In addition, you are probably looking for a lipstick that matches the undertone of your skin and makes your smile shine even more. With all those choices, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. That's why you can read some useful tips in this article to score your new favorite lipstick.

The undertone of your skin

Do you want to discover which colors suit you well? Then first try to discover what the undertone of your skin is.  An easy way to determine whether you have a warm or cool undertone is to see which jewelry suits you best. Does gold look best on you? Then you usually have a warm undertone. Women who wear silver generally have a cool undertone.

Another trick is to look at your wrists. A yellow/green tint around your wrists often means that you have a warm undertone. If you have veins around your wrist that lean toward blue or purple, this indicates a cool undertone.

Match colors with your skin

If you know what the undertone of your skin is, you can look at different lipstick colors. With cool skin, it is best to go with lipsticks that have a blue undertone. It is better to avoid orange-red lipstick, while cherry red and mauve will look beautiful on you.

For warm skin types the opposite is the case: bright red, orange and coral colors are perfect for you. Gold and brown tones also look great on warm skin. This not only applies to lipstick, but also to other make-up .

Whiter teeth with lipstick

You can of course use whitening strips or other time-consuming ways to make your teeth look whiter, but the color of your lipstick can also help with this. If you want your teeth to stand out even more, even if you have a warm skin type, it is best to choose a lipstick with a blue undertone. A deep red lipstick makes your teeth look extra white and also looks chic through and through.

Narrow or full lips

Not only the shade of your skin, but also the look of your lips influences what type of lipstick suits you best. You can easily make narrow lips look bigger by choosing a nice glossy lipstick. Almost every woman dreams of full lips, and they should certainly be accentuated. Do you prefer to keep it subtle? Then you can also choose a matte or cream lipstick with full lips.

A radiant smile

By carefully choosing a lipstick color, you are sure to find a color that not only matches your skin and lips, but also makes your teeth shine. This way you can walk out the door with complete confidence!

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