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Ivy & Loulou makes many children's hearts beat, the sweets in jars full of glitter colors to make yourself beautiful. The best news? It is completely mess free and there are such nice people behind this Dutch brand! Well, I can't be completely unbiased, with SYSO we designed the complete brand identity + webshop for this cool brand. But apart from that fact, this 'natural play makeup brand' deserves a big shout out! Why? Read on soon.

What is Ivy & Loulou?

Ivy & Loulou make-up is 100% natural and vegan and contains no chemicals, microplastics or allergens. The brand new brand believes that play makeup should be absolutely safe to use, so your child can have fun without you having to worry about ingredients. You can read the reasons behind this in detail on the Ivy & Loulou about page .

Iny & Loulou children's make-up

Nice to know is that the products have been put together by owners Rachelle and Folker. The make-up itself had to be 'muck free' on all fronts, including the packaging (paper). Of course, everything must first be extensively tested and approved before it can be put on the market. Believe me, a lot of lab sessions precede that.

Why do we need Ivy & Loulou?

That is the question we asked Rachelle and Folker and this is their answer: “Our hearts have been beating faster for years because of beautiful, natural products for families with (young) children. We have noticed that not everything we are looking for can be found, or that what is already on the market does not quite meet the quality or standard that you would expect from a sustainable and natural product. So we decided to develop these products ourselves under our own brand. We started with something that makes the most sense with two young daughters: natural play makeup !”

Iny & Loulou play makeup

The makeup (is epic)

The make-up consists of four sparkling colors (yes, just like the name Ivy & Loulou, we were also allowed to think about that): Moonlight Silver , Lollypop Pink , Fairydust Gold and Butterfly Blue . The jars are available separately, but there are also three beautiful gift sets: Fairy Fun, Go Glitter and Moonlight Magic. When I think back to my own childhood, I think I would have given up my entire collection of Barbies for this. And that was a very big orange Curver box full I can tell you!

Long story short

Ivy & Loulou is a natural play make-up brand that appeals to children and parents. It offers mess-free, safe and 100% natural and vegan make-up products without chemicals, microplastics or allergens. The make-up is available in different colors and gift sets are also available. Do you want your children to enjoy make-up in a fun and safe way? Shop now at Ivy & Loulou .

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