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Autumn is perfect for a nice day out in nature, a city, an amusement park or zoo. Less warm and not so cold that you freeze your ears off. We list our favorite autumn days for you.

Tip 1 - Harvest time

Check if there is a fruit grower near you. At many you can pick your own fruit. Apples, pears, in full season now and therefore extra tasty. Once home, it's time to bake. An apple pie, pear crumble? How good that smells!

EXTRA TIP : Some fruit growers also allow you to pick flowers. Do you immediately have a beautiful autumn bouquet for your home?

Do you already know this delicious plate cake with pear and brie ? Check the recipe !

Tip 2 - Forest picnic

The leaves are changing color and where better to see that than: in the forest! A forest walk with an autumn picnic is nice for a sunny autumn day. Blanket in the bag, warm sweater and enjoy a walk in nature. Take a thermos with a nice hot drink and pack something tasty. Maybe that apple pie from the previous tip? Do you have children and can they not sit still? Send them on a quest for the most beautiful colored leaves or pine cones and make beautiful autumn decorations at home. Tip: bring your camera, because with those autumn colors and the subdued sunlight you take the most beautiful pictures. Photoshoot, anyone? 

Forest picnic

Tip 3 - Safari Park Beekse Bergen

Safari Park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek is fun all year round, but in the fall, when the lazy summer days are over and the winter hibernation is still gone, many animals are fully active. You can choose from the walking safari, boat safari or car safari. Or just do all three! A safari with the ranger is also an option. The safari park is located in North Brabant, near Tilburg.

EXTRA TIP : you can also book a stay with free access to the park. Do you live too far away? Then there is bound to be another fun zoo near you!

Safari park de Beeksebergen

Tip 4 - Wellness Valhalla

Fall can be quite heady and leave you yearning for warm days in the sun. Do you really want to warm up and also completely relax? Book a day spa. At well-known spas such as Thermae 2000 , the Zwaluwhoeve and Sanadome you can spend a whole day sweet and sometimes you can also stay overnight. Sauna, bubble bath, finish with a wonderful massage or beauty treatment and that autumn dip will disappear like snow in the autumn sun! Also nice: book a holiday home with wellness facilities.

Wellness mecca

Tip 5 - The city trip

Fancy a city trip? In the summer when the sparrows fall from the roof at 30+, in the winter when you slither through the streets at -10. Not ideal conditions for a city trip. But then the fall. When it is still delicious on the terraces to sip your hot chocolate and there is still a hint of summer in the air, it is wonderful to go away for a weekend. Go crazy and choose a city that is less big/known. My tips: Deventer, Roermond, Bergen op Zoom, Harlingen, Gorinchem or Hoorn. Atmospheric, not too big, just what you need to get away from it all for the winter.

And this is... Zutphen!

Zutphen by night

Tip 6 - Get a creepy feeling

Fall is also the time of: Halloween! Many amusement parks organize all kinds of events around Halloween. For example, Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is organizing the Heksendoorn Evenings again at the end of October. The park then has all kinds of scary activities for all ages. It ends with fireworks. Walibi also presents the Fright Nights and Spooky Days . The day after, you'll have extra inspiration for your Halloween pumpkin!

🎃 Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Click here (if you dare).

Halloween 2021

And... do you have any nice autumn day tips? Share it with us below!

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