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Spring is just around the corner, and that's the perfect time to think about a fresh start for your garden. Pull out those tiles and go for grass, nice crispy green turf ! Below you will discover why grass (and not concrete) is an essential element in any garden and we will give you tips to prepare your lawn for spring, if you have one.

Grass, the green heart of your garden

In case you didn't know it yet; Grass is so much more than just a green cover for your garden. It forms the vibrant heart around which the rest of your garden blooms. Here are some reasons why grass is such a great choice for your garden:

  1. Natural Beauty : Grass adds a natural, fresh look to your garden. It provides a soft, green surface that accentuates the colors of your flowers and plants.

  2. Environmentally friendly : A well-maintained lawn helps filter air and provides a natural habitat for local wildlife. In addition, it helps with the water management of your garden by absorbing rainwater.

  3. Health benefits : Grass has a calming effect on people. It invites relaxation and activity in the outdoors, which contributes to a healthier lifestyle. This is not least due to the soothing color green .

  4. Versatility : Whether you enjoy garden parties, relaxing in the sun, or playing with the kids, grass provides a versatile surface suitable for a variety of activities. There is nothing more wonderful than lying down on a lawn after a long (summer) day and staring at the blue sky. Give it a try!

How do you get grass quickly?

Strange question perhaps, but if you want grass quickly and don't feel like sowing it, consider sod . With this you can give your garden a fresh, fresh green makeover in no time. The grass mats are supplied in rolls and they are fully rooted within a few weeks. Useful!

Preparing your lawn for spring: step by step

Now that you know why grass is so great, let's see how to keep your lawn as beautiful as possible and possibly prepare it for spring:

  1. Cleaning : Start by removing leaves, branches and other garden waste. This ensures that your grass can grow unhindered.

  2. Soil care : Aerate your lawn to enrich the soil with oxygen, water and nutrients. This promotes stronger root growth.

  3. Sowing and repairing : Fill in bare spots by reseeding. Choose high-quality grass seeds that suit your garden and climate.

  4. Fertilize : Use a spring-specific fertilizer to give your grass a healthy boost.

  5. Mowing : Start mowing when your grass is about 2 inches tall. Make sure you cut no more than a third of the blade of grass for optimal health.

Ready for a green spring?

By following these steps you will ensure that your lawn will look beautiful in the spring. Grass is the basis of every garden, so give it the attention it deserves. With a little care and love, your lawn will be the focal point of your spring garden.

Image: Unsplash

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