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Christmas decorations are the perfect way to bring that cozy Christmas feeling into your home. Whether you just decorate a Christmas tree, or turn your entire house into a winter wonderland, the most beautiful Christmas decorations are homemade!

In this blog I show you step-by-step how to make a modern mini Christmas wreath. This Christmas wreath has a nice contrast between the modern eucalyptus, macramé cord and traditional decorations. It therefore fits perfectly with the Scandinavian Christmas trend.


IMAKIN Mini DIY Package Christmas Wreath:
- metal ring (ø 20 cm)
- 6 m macrame cord
- 2 (artificial) eucalyptus branches
- 6 red currant decorations
- 3 wooden beads
- 2 golden bells
- glue
(not in the package, but necessary)
- scissors lath (80 x 5 x 1.6 cm)
- measuring tape

Step 1

Cut 3 strands of 180 cm from the macramé cord. Save the rest.
Take the 3 strands and fold them in half.
Now split the leftover macramé cord so that you remove a thinner strand of 5 strands. Use this to tie the loop of the 3 strands well.
Make a flat braid of 3 strands.
Tie the ends together with a spliced piece of string.

Step 2

Stick the braid onto the metal ring. To do this, always apply a little glue to the ring and glue the braid onto the ring piece by piece.

Step 3

Now tie the eucalyptus branches to the ring. Use split macramé yarn and possibly some glue.

Step 4

Glue the wooden beads to the wreath.

Step 5

Now attach the red berries to the wreath. You can use the wire that is already attached to the berries for this.

Step 6

Finally, attach the gold bells to the wreath. Also for this you use the iron wire that is already attached to the bells.

You can hang the Christmas wreath on the ring, but you can also tie a nice ribbon on it and hang it on it.

The Mini DIY Christmas wreath package (€14.95) contains all the materials you need to make this beautiful Christmas wreath and is available in the IMAKIN webshop.

Jinske from iMakin
Author - Jinske Verpalen van imakin DIY design
Do It Yourself but more modern, tougher and more stubborn! Jinske translates the latest lifestyle trends into feasible DIY projects. Her mission is to inspire you to get creative (more often) and to show that DIY is not difficult, but above all a lot of fun. Bee www.imakin.nl you will find the best all-in-one DIY packages that you can easily get started with. Do it yourself, it will make you happy!

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