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Now that the weather is getting nicer and the season really resembles spring, it's time for new. Especially when it comes to your children's wardrobe. They will probably still fit a few things from last year, but there is a good chance that half can go straight into Max's pocket. So here are some great tips for new, cheerful spring/summer clothing and accessories for your mini.

Unfortunately, a capsule wardrobe for your child does not last year after year, unless you have several children. A healthy child grows enormously and sometimes it also seems that the holes, spots and tears appear on their own. However, it is also best to go for sustainable for children's clothing. Clothing that is firmly made of good materials will last longer and wear better. We found some nice items, are you watching?

1 - Bathrobe

A bathrobe for a child is also indispensable in summer/spring. There's nothing better than wrapping up in a cotton bathrobe after a day of building sandcastles and splashing in the waves. No half wet undressing and dressing with sand between your buttocks. Just put on a bathrobe, put ice cream in it and go. As simple as that. Kids label - with name from €23,95

2 - Trendy baby shoes

You still want the very best for your little one, such as these beautiful baby shoes made of real leather. The supple shoes have laces and come in a personalized cotton bag. Also nice as a (baby shower) present! Kids label - €19.95

Children's bathrobe
Children's shoes

3 - Backpack

Look, that's handy, a backpack with your name on it! Perhaps with a foresight to the next school year: handy! But even on holiday, something like that is not wrong at all; own children's backpack on hand for toys and snacks. Kids label - from €24.95

4 - Remembrance Chest

Of course you can't get rid of all the sweet baby clothes. Imagine... But what do you do with all those beautiful memories? Keep them in a sturdy wooden keepsake box with a name. This way everything stays nice and in one place. Fun for later! Kids label - from €34.95

children's backpack keepsake box

🌸 Enjoy the new season!

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