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Cheap products and quick purchases seem to be the norm for many people these days. No fewer than 7 million Dutch people (!) visit the Chinese webshop Temu every month. But at Happlify we like to tell a different story. We are in favor of a conscious and sustainable way of shopping and against ordering from hap-snap platforms such as Temu, Wish, Shein and Alibaba. Because we believe in the power of beautiful, well-thought-out brands, with their hearts in the right place. We believe in creative and local entrepreneurs and the positive impact they have on our community and the world.

These beautiful, sustainable, handmade, Dutch design jewelry are from Happlify Crew Member Studio Lanterfant 💕

What is Happlify?

Happlify is a shopping guide and platform that is committed to making your life more positive and meaningful. We therefore work together with a carefully selected group of good brands and honest web shops, the Happlify Crew , all of which offer unique and high-quality products and services. Our focus is on quality, sustainability and supporting this.

  1. Sustainability and quality
    In contrast to the above-mentioned platforms that offer cheap, often poor products, our Happlify Crew web shops guarantee quality. Each product is made with care and attention, often with sustainable materials and methods.

  2. Supporting honest entrepreneurs
    By shopping at the Happlify Crew you support high-quality brands and hardworking, often creative SME entrepreneurs. These companies are often family businesses or self-employed people who follow their passion and offer unique, handmade products.

  3. Fair prices
    The prices at our brands and shops reflect the real costs of production, including fair wages for the makers and sustainable materials. This means that you pay a fair price for a fair product.

  4. Unique products
    Our Crew Members offer a wide range of unique products that you won't find in the major department stores. From handmade jewelry to sustainable fashion and from home decoration to original gifts, you will always find something special at Happlify.

How do you consume consciously?

We understand that it is sometimes tempting to choose the cheapest option. But we believe that conscious consumption is ultimately more satisfying and has a positive impact on the world around us. Here are some tips for shopping more consciously:

  • Buy less, but better
    Invest in fewer high-quality products that last a long time, instead of a lot of cheap stuff that breaks quickly.
  • Support local entrepreneurs
    By buying locally, you help strengthen the economy in your own community/country.
  • Choose sustainability
    Pay attention to the materials and production processes of the products you buy. Sustainable products are better for the environment and often of higher quality - so also better for you.
  • Be critical of what you buy
    Ask yourself whether you really need the product and whether it contributes to your happiness and well-being.

Seriously, you're not looking forward to this!? Screenshot from the Future Proof video below.

Discover the Happlify Crew

At Happlify we are very proud of our Happlify Crew , a collection of inspiring web shops that each have their own unique story. Here are some more examples:

Are you ready to make a difference?

By choosing the Happlify Crew web shops, you make a conscious choice for a better world. You support honest entrepreneurs, choose quality and sustainability, and contribute to a more positive and meaningful way of consuming.

Visit Happlify weekly for the latest Crew and tips, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media. This way you won't miss anything from now on. Together we can make a positive impact and create a better future.

Ready for the rabbit hole and want to know more? Watch this video from Future Proof .

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