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Gray is often associated with 'boring' and 'neutral'. Some people even call it a cold color and absolutely do not want to see it in their interior. But gray is anything but cold and boring! Gray has a wide palette of shades and can be easily combined with other colors and materials. With these tips you can create a comfortable and balanced gray interior that is wonderful to live in.

Choose a living style

In what style would you like to decorate your interior? A lot of gray does not suit every style. A bohemian interior has a lot of color. A few gray items fit in there, but entire areas of gray are not preferred in this style. An industrial living style, on the other hand, has many shades of gray. In this interior you can use gray broadly and combine it with other dark shades and earth tones.

A gray living room boring? Not with these tips!

The interior

Match the rest of the interior to the color. Gray does not include frivolous dresses with fringes, overhanging curtains and retro furniture. Gray includes sleek (design) furniture, a custom Roman blind, a deep-pile carpet and a sleek black side table . Choosing these elements in the interior are an extension of the choice of interior style.

Combine with other colors

To give gray more energy, combine it with another color. First think about what look you want to give the room. You choose suitable accent colours. Pink, for example, makes gray a little spicier and gives the room a romantic look. Mother of pearl in combination with gray gives a luxurious atmosphere in a room. Blue and gray is very soothing.

A gray living room boring? Not with these tips!


You can opt for a sleek gray surface, such as a gray wall or gray curtains . If you alternate this with gray areas with a pattern, you get a fresh and lively look in the room. For example, choose a classic motif such as flowers and combine gray with pastel pink tones for a romantic interior. If you want a modern interior, choose geometric patterns and combine with white and a hint of light blue.

A gray living room boring? Not with these tips!

Cuddly gray

Gray doesn't have to be a harsh color. It can also be very cuddly. Choose soft rugs and fluffy cushions in various shades of gray to soften the 'clean' line of the gray, thus creating a soft look in the room.

Keep it light

Gray is available in many different shades. Try not to choose too many dark shades of gray, to prevent the interior from becoming gloomy. Choose lighter shades and combine, for example, with white and cream. Also think carefully about a lighting plan, so that you do not have dark corners in a room.

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