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As the travel world becomes increasingly aware of its impact on the environment, sustainable cruising is becoming a hot topic. In this article you can read how you can cruise in an environmentally friendly way and enjoy an unforgettable holiday at the same time. We have already traveled with Holland America Line a number of times, to Scotland and Norway. This shipping company is working hard to make this way of traveling more sustainable.

We saw this with our own eyes during the most recent cruise. Our son was given a tour of the control and engine room and we also had the opportunity to take a look at the bridge of the brand new MS Rotterdam. Impressive and promising, read on.

What is sustainable cruising?

Sustainable cruising is about reducing the carbon footprint of cruise holidays. This includes everything from using cleaner fuels to reducing waste and protecting the seas and destinations we visit.

How do you choose a sustainable cruise line?

When booking a cruise, look for companies that are committed to sustainability. Note their environmental policies, energy efficiency initiatives, and commitment to the conservation of marine ecosystems.

MS Rotterdam

The MS Rotterdam: an example of environmentally conscious cruising

The cruise industry is taking major steps towards sustainability. With new technologies and growing awareness among travelers, the future of cruising is both exciting and hopeful. An excellent example of environmentally conscious cruising is Holland America Line , a household name at sea for over a century and a half. This cruise line shows that cruising and caring for the planet can go hand in hand. The newest ship, the MS Rotterdam , is certainly well on its way when it comes to environmentally conscious cruising!

CO2 neutral cruising

Imagine: you are sailing across the ocean in ships that focus heavily on energy efficiency. This is not just a dream, but reality! Holland America Line is on a mission to reduce their carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 and even become carbon neutral by 2050.

sustainable cruising

Water saving

Every drop of water is valued on board, with smart saving techniques and wastewater treatment. Sustainability is also woven into their purchasing policy: purchasing locally and encouraging suppliers to use environmentally friendly packaging.

And more...

They actively protect biodiversity and marine life, and ensure that their employees develop in a diverse and ethical working environment. In short, Holland America Line proves that luxury travel and care for a better environment are a good match.

By choosing these types of cruises, travelers can enjoy a luxurious experience while contributing to the conservation of our oceans and the destinations they visit.

The reason why we Choosing Holland America Line is because it is quiet. You do not choose a noisy party cruise or a place where you will find many (small) children. It is relaxed and we rest there.

Great bathroom too by the way!

bathroom cruise

Tips for environmentally friendly cruising

As a traveler you can always contribute. Consider reducing your waste, reusing towels, and consciously choosing excursions. Also be aware of your water and energy consumption on board.

Also choose a cruise that does not require you to fly. There are many cruises that start in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. You can explore the British Isles all year round with the MS Rotterdam , go to Iceland and spend just under a week in the Norwegian fjords. But you can book so many beautiful trips from the Netherlands through Cruisewinkel . I personally love getting on board and immediately having your own hotel room that travels with you. Wherever you go, your room is always close by, without hassle. The ship, no matter how big, always feels friendly and cozy.

Here we were in Flåm, which was really beautiful...

So you can see that sustainable cruising is possible and is a step towards more responsible travel.

Image: own images and Unsplash

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