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Are you also looking forward to the summer holidays? Would you like to go out again now that you can again? In the near future we will be looking into holidays and nights away, mainly because free time well spent makes you very happy! In this article you can read about going on holiday with the caravan. Camping in your own tiny house on wheels. What a wonderful idea!

Bye stress

Research has shown that camping makes us 57.3% healthier because you feel fit through the outdoors. Moreover, 52.1% of people experience less stress while camping than at home. But… then it is important that the camping holiday does not cause stress, of course. So here are some useful tips.

Lazing in nature

1 - Prepare well

Perhaps a bit of a no-brainer, but if you want to travel with the caravan in a relaxed way, preparation is really necessary. Each caravan has a maximum permitted loading capacity that you must adhere to to make your journey safe. Moreover, you risk a fine if your rut hut is too heavy. Also research the area and campsite carefully before you book. Nowadays there are plenty of websites with good information. We found Kampeermeneer.nl with very useful location information about European campsites. Useful!

caravan in grass

2 - Essentials

So the goal is to only take the most essential items with you and not your entire household. But what are the essentials that you absolutely need to pack? Here is a practical list:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Whistling kettle
  • Shower slippers
  • Flashlight
  • Good walking shoes
  • Watt controller
  • Power bank
  • Anti mosquito and tick spray
  • Pocket knife
  • Level
  • Comfortable seat(s)
  • Ear drops

3 - Insure everything

Comparing your caravan insurance is something that is actually part of the preparations. Not fun, but necessary - thinking about insuring your caravan. That also saves a lot of stress. Firstly, because you are covered if there is trouble, but it also gives you peace of mind once that has been arranged. As simple as that!

Compare caravan insurance

Extra caravan camping tip: Sweden

Camping in Sweden is SO beautiful! It consists of 449,964 square kilometers of land and consists of islands, forests, majestic canals, lakes and mountains. Most of Sweden's nature is untouched and clean. It doesn't matter where you pitch your tent or caravan, nature is always close by. The country is ideal for families with children. From the southernmost region of Skåne in the south to northern Lapland, Swedish campsites understand how to keep the little ones having fun. At the Swedish campsites, employees are ready to help with games, treasure hunts, fishing, catching crabs and canoeing, no matter what the issue is.

Moreover, Sweden has a very special right, namely the right to recreate anywhere in Sweden where you want. That right is called Allemansrecht , or Allemansrätten. And every holidaymaker benefits optimally from this.

free camping in Sweden

🏕 And what are your plans this summer holiday? Tell!

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