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In Las Vegas I once saw HUGE strawberries dipped in chocolate, the proof is below. Anyway, I saw them passing by again recently and delved into the happy world of strawberries, a fruit that brings back memories for many of us. And that world is much bigger than I thought... There is so much more to this summer king than you might think at first glance. Today, therefore, for you 10 surprising facts that you may not have known about strawberries.

1 - Strawberries are not what they seem

Although we think of strawberries as fruits, they are not technically fruits. They are the offshoot of the flower of the strawberry plant, which botanically makes them part of the nut family. You really didn't know that, right?!

2 - The seeds on the outside

Each strawberry has about 200 seeds on the outside, which makes them unique. These 'seeds' are actually the fruits of the strawberry plant, with each seed containing a potential new plant.

3 - A symbol of perfection and love

In Roman times, the strawberry was considered a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, because of its heart shape and red color. They symbolize perfection and love.

Here they are, sorry for the bad photo, big and juicy in crunchy chocolate. And besides that, you'll see me in the Venetian where we slept. So this is underground, where they have recreated Venice, complete with gondolas. Fodder for another blog post.

Strawberries in Las Vegas

4 - Strawberries and history

Strawberries have a rich history. They were mentioned in Roman literature for their medicinal properties, used for everything from relieving depression to treating fever.

The garden strawberry as we know it today was first grown in Brittany, France, in the 18th century. This was the result of crossing a North American strawberry with a Chilean variety.

Strawberries from our own garden

5 - Strawberries and their nutritional value

Strawberries are not only tasty, but also healthy. They are full of vitamin C, manganese, folic acid and are rich in antioxidants. In addition, strawberries consist of approximately 91% water.

6 - Largest producer of strawberries

The United States is the largest producer of strawberries, with California taking the lead, responsible for almost 90% of all strawberries grown in the US.

Although we mainly associate strawberries with spring and summer, thanks to modern agricultural techniques, i.e. greenhouses, they are available all year round.

7 - The largest strawberry

The largest strawberry ever measured weighed 250 grams, which is about the size of an average apple. Eat that!

Biggest strawberry

8 - A delicate fruit

Strawberries are very delicate and must be handled with care. They are picked by hand to avoid damage and should be eaten soon after harvest. Unfortunately, they are not always picked when ripe, and after picking they still turn red, but once picked they no longer gain any flavor. That is why strawberries in the supermarket are often less tasty than from your own garden or from a (good) greengrocer.

Want to get started with really tasty strawberries yourself? Check out the winter-hardy and 100% organic strawberry plants from Plants by Frank.

Oh yes, to keep strawberries fresh longer, it is best to store them in the refrigerator with the tops still attached and only wash them just before eating them.

9 - Strawberries in literature

This fruit is also a favorite subject in literature and art, often depicted as a symbol of sensual pleasures and seduction. Hence the chocolate-dipped ones in Las Vegas. Duh.

10 - Varieties and flavors

There are more than 600 (!) varieties of strawberries, which vary in size, taste and texture. This offers a world of flavors to discover.

strawberry varieties

Strawberry fan

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shopping strawberries

Strawberries are much more than a tasty and healthy snack; they are a source of history, culture, and nutrition!

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