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Nowadays it is a challenge to keep children away from screens and stimulate their creativity. With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to think about gifts that will not only bring joy, but also reduce screen time. In this blog post we share five super fun gift ideas that will stimulate children's imagination and keep them active.

Wooden toy

Wooden toys have proven themselves as a sustainable choice that not only entertains, but also stimulates the development of the child. Think of a wooden train that stimulates the imagination, a tumbler that provides joyful moments, blocks that promote creativity, a mini guitar for the little musician, or a tool set for the future builder.

What makes wooden toys even more special is the ability to personalize them. Add the name, date of birth, weight and height to the educational toy, giving it a unique and personal touch. Discover the beautiful range of wooden toys for babies and children and give a gift that not only stands the test of time but also has a lasting impact on the growth and development of the child.

Mess-free play makeup

Discover the enchanting world of Ivy & Loulou play make-up , where hours of fun and safety go hand in hand. This beautiful brand has a mission: to provide children with 100% natural and vegan makeup, without compromising on quality and safety. Ivy & Loulou makeup does not contain harmful chemicals, microplastics or allergens, making it absolutely safe for small skin. Give your child the freedom to be creative with Ivy & Loulou makeup, knowing that you have made a conscious choice for a product that is both natural and safe.

DIY fun with KiwiCo every month

KiwiCo is a monthly DIY box; a box that you receive by post with the project of the month, available for all ages. The KiwiCo crates not only provide entertainment, but also encourage problem solving and developing essential skills in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Whether your child is fascinated by art, science, or technology, KiwiCo has an inspiring line of projects for every age and interest. Each crate contains an educational magazine that fuels curiosity, all necessary project materials and detailed instructions to make the process run smoothly.

KiwiCo Netherlands

Go climbing and zipping

Go indoor climbing at Adventure City Rotterdam and no one will ask for a screen anymore. With more than 15 activities and climbing courses, there is plenty of choice for everyone. The children can explore the outdoor area with you and/or their friends, try out the spectacular climbing courses, or fly through the air on the rollercoaster zipline.

Adventure City Rotterdam

Party, even without a screen!

This festive season, you can reduce children's screen use and boost their creativity by choosing active toys that inspire. Make the holidays memorable with sustainable and meaningful toys. Give the gift of real play and see how much fun they will have! Even without a screen.

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