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Autumn is here. So bring on the pumpkin soup, apple pie and cinnamon rolls . But in addition to those few standard recipes, there are many more tasty things that I would like to see on my plate this fall. Do you also feel like baking or cooking something delicious? You shouldn't miss these 5 delicious comfort food autumn recipes. 

Recipe 1 - Healthy apple crumble with oatmeal

You've probably eaten a piece of apple pie this fall. The autumn delicacy! But did you know that you can also have breakfast with a kind of apple pie? A healthy version even. I like to make apple crumble for my breakfast. It is super simple to make and works well as a healthy snack or as a filling breakfast. 

You cut an apple into pieces, sprinkle some cookie and gingerbread spices over it, mix in raisins and then add oatmeal and (vegetable) milk. Finish it off with shredded pecan or cashew nuts and then put your breakfast in the oven. Just bake and enjoy! 

Apple crumble oatmeal recipe

Recipe 2 - Lentil dahl 

I secretly eat lentils all year round. But a well-seasoned lentil dish is a real hit for me in the fall. Lentil dahl is a delicious autumn dish with lots of herbs . Making it is also a piece of cake. It is mainly a matter of stirring a pan for a very long time while your oven fills with the most delicious spicy scents. For example, I thought this recipe for lentil dahl from Chickslovefood was delicious. For more simple recipes from these culinary bloggers, be sure to take a look at their latest cookbook .

You will also regularly find delicious lentil dishes in the Hello Fresh box . Recommended if you are Koos Inspiration-less when it comes to dinner. Lentil Dahl

Recipe 3 - Peanut curry with cinnamon and banana

A crazy combination, I know. But the delicious sweet and warm mix of cinnamon and banana might just surprise you . I came up with this recipe for peanut curry with cinnamon and banana when I had two ripe bananas lying around that I needed to do something with. It turned out so delicious that we now eat the recipe almost every week. Because it contains typical autumn spices such as cinnamon and cookie and gingerbread spices, it is also a real autumn recipe. Highly recommended! Especially if you are a real peanut butter lover like me. 

Peanut butter curry More often cheerful

Recipe 4 - Pumpkin pie

Oh my, give me a pumpkin pie! Preferably now. I don't have a huge sweet tooth at all, but pumpkin and carrot cake are always my go-to. For example , this recipe from Lekker & Simpel looks delicious. It immediately makes me want to start baking.

And while you're working on a pumpkin: you can make a beautiful Jack 'o Lantern from the outside of the pumpkin. Or check out this tutorial from Revlie to decorate your pumpkin in a different way. 

And the inside of the pumpkin? So you can use it in a pumpkin pie or a delicious pumpkin soup. Two birds with one stone!

Pumpkin pie recipe

Recipe 5 - Stroopwafel muffins

When I came across these stroopwafel muffins , I had to restrain myself from immediately diving into the kitchen. Stroopwafels always remind me of my grandmother, who still has stroopwafels on the 'biscuit tray' every Sunday. For some reason, caramel is such a fall flavor. Would you like to make something tasty? Then bake something delicious with stroopwafels, such as these muffins or a delicious cake. Sprinkle some extra caramel generously over it and you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

Stroopwafel muffins Laura's Bakery

Don't forget your cup of tea

And if you have made something tasty for yourself, don't forget to drink the autumn drink with it. You can of course go for a delicious pumpkin spice latte. But maybe, like me, you are a huge tea lover and for you nothing beats a cup of tea. 

Would you like to be surprised by something other than that eternal rooibos or blueberry tea? This tea Advent calendar is the December surprise for real tea lovers. *immediately noted on my Santa list*.

🥧 What is your favorite comfort food in the fall?

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